Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Hey lovelies, it's a tradition sort of thing where my partner and I at our blog do little giveaways along the year. Nothing beats Christmas Giveaways, don't you think so? To make it more awesome this year, we will be doing 3 categories altogether for this giveaway.

Giveaway 1 - CLAIMED :)
This year, we will be giving away a gift box valued at RM450 containing a Coach wristlet, bought fresh from Coach Boutique, comes exclusively with its dust bag, tissue paper, authenticity card and also a gift box. Also, it includes goodies from Sephora and ASOS.

How to be entitled? It's simple! In your packages, we will include a receipt with a number on it. We have our own set of records as well so don't fuss if you've misplaced the number we will be running a number picker thingy on the 20th of December, and choose our winner then. That being said, the more number of times you purchased, the higher your chances of winning as you have more entries!



Giveaway 2 - CLAIMED
Our traditional giveaway we organize every year during Christmas and our anniversaries for our shoppers is done through purchasing RM50 and above to be entitled to one entry to this giveaway. Fret not, you can participate in everything else as well but this giveaway is capped at RM50 per entry. So, the more you purchased in value, the higher your chances of winning as you have more entries! This giveaway ends on the 31st December, and we will draw the winning participant on 9 pm on that day.

What do you win? A gift box worth RM350 containing a Coach wristlet, Sephora and ASOS goodies :)

 Giveaway 3 - CLAIMED :)
This is the first time we are branching into social media websites, so this giveaway is done to thank the fans who have been rooting for us for years. We will be giving away a little gift box with goodies inside for free without having to purchase anything!  How cool is that?

 Your gift box, valued at RM300 includes a Coach wristlet, goodies from ASOS and Sephora :)

How to enter? Just simply like the post in Carousell or in our Facebook and we will record your ID down. On the 20th of December, we will be running a randomizer to choose our lucky winner!


 Simplest terms and conditions aight?  Oh and not to forget, you must reside in Malaysia to be eligible for this giveaway.

Last but not least, enjoy the wonderful month of giving. Thank you girls for the endless support :D
Love xoxo,
Mizz Lush team

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