Saturday, October 6, 2012

Million Thanks!

Thank you to all our lovelies for participating with us during our last sales. From then, these are the sold out items:

New arrivals: RM180 RM125 RM100 - SOLD
New arrivals: RM95 RM75 RM60 - SOLD

RM70 RM35 RM20 - SOLD

RM60 RM30 RM15 - SOLD

RM180 RM45 RM30 - SOLD
Size XS, fits UK6-10

RM50 RM25 RM15 - SOLD

RM85 RM40 RM25 - SOLD

RM175 RM55 RM30 - SOLD

RM39 RM15 RM10 - SOLD

RM85 RM30 RM15 - SOLD

RM35 RM30 RM20 - SOLD

RM50 RM35 RM20 - SOLD

RM65 RM10 - SOLD

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