Monday, September 3, 2012

Thank you!!!

Thank you for all those who participated in the Crazy Merdeka Sales held during the weekend. Here are the list of sold out items thanks to our beloved customers :) We hope you all love your purchases which will arrive at your doorsteps either tomorrow or Wednesday :)

Do stay tune for more updates and *hinting* sales!

RM100 RM50 - SOLD

RM55 RM35 - SOLD

RM110 RM60 - SOLD

RM59 RM30 - SOLD

RM79 RM25 - SOLD

RM60 RM25 - SOLD

RM75 RM30 - SOLD

RM100 RM45 - SOLD

RM30 RM15 - SOLD

RM85 RM40 - SOLD

RM59 RM20 - SOLD

RM45 RM25 - SOLD

RM60 RM40 - SOLD

RM60 RM30 - SOLD

Image 1 of ASOS Mondrian Print Top
RM60 RM40 - SOLD

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